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In today’s digital age, Instagram is a business hot spot creating ample opportunities for increasing awareness and sales. Fitness professionals all over the globe are taking advantage of this opportunity to strengthen their business and truly market to their target audience. With Instagram, it’s easy to increase your audience reach, followership, and build your business at the same time. From fitness videos to tips and tricks, Instagram is a beacon for your business. Do you think your business has what it takes to become a social media influencer?

Instagram Best Practices

When building your fitness brand on Instagram you have to get creative. With a myriad of other users with fitness focused accounts, you want to make sure your business stands out. With over 500 million users, your business needs to be active on Instagram.

Instagram Rules to Follow:

  • Post High Quality
  • Get Creative
  • Keep Up with Trending/Relevant Hashtags
  • Tag Other Accounts
  • Use Cohesive Images
  • Show Your Value

What’s the number one reason an Instagram user will follow a fitness account? The simple answer is that they want to be inspired. Whether that’s through motivational posts, tips and tricks, or even before and after shots, give your followers something they need. Attention grabbing, high quality photos are bound to make users stop and click. You will attract more users by including relevant hashtags in your posts. When building your Instagram strategy, follow the Instagram rules and you’ll watch your fitness account flourish.

Know Your Market

It’s no secret that marketing through Instagram can make a business take off. Users on Instagram are actively looking for what your fitness business has to offer. If you market your account the right way, those users are bound to find your business. Take these fitness companies on Instagram for example. Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for the fitness industry, hands down. These companies are prime examples of how to build a brand on Instagram.

To market your business on Instagram, here’s what you need to do:

  • Network with Other Businesses
  • Engage with Users
  • Post Inspirational Images
  • Don’t Compromise Your Visuals and Content

Users are looking for high-quality motivation when it comes to fitness accounts. To market your business with Instagram, you’re going to have to be strategic. Networking with other businesses will reach their followers– an easy way to directly reach target audience. If they have an interest in another fitness account, they’ll definitely have an interest in yours as well. Another way to market your business is by including users. Post client pictures and stories to really connect with your audience. When you take Instagram to a personal level, users will feel that connection and follow along.

You’re only hurting your business if you don’t utilize Instagram for marketing. Whether you want to build and promote your brand, or increase your sales, Instagram is a social media hub for easy, incredible marketing opportunities.