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In today’s society, it is imperative that the fitness industry, as well as personal trainers, work to reduce the national obesity level. There are many ways in which personal trainers can do their part to help remedy this crisis, and cater their programming toward those least likely to work out. Here are a few prominent ways:

Be Ready to Modify Methods

Often, in the fitness industry, those who are not in shape or are physically fit are easy to talk down to or treat differently. It is so necessary to respect every client and realize that they are working toward a goal and having a better quality of life. Then, adjust accordingly. There may be specific exercises that overweight clients are unable to do at first–find out modified versions of exercises, or creative ways to supplement them and be sure that they are getting a solid workout.

Understand What Drives Them

This is necessary for every client, but especially those who are not used to having a fitness routine. By finding out what drives clients you will be able to push them when they get down on themselves and help them find their limits, Their motivation needs not just to be external, but also internal; understanding this, while simultaneously jump-starting their drive, is critical in creating a successful client-trainer relationship.

Assure That Fitness is a Lifestyle, Not a Temporary Choice

Fitness is not productive or beneficial if it is something that you can turn on and off. Clients need to understand that their negative actions outside the gym will impact their performance in the gym. They will need to commit to maintaining a holistically healthy style in tandem with fitness to become a better version of themselves. This includes eating well, not drinking the day before a working, not smoking, and making other sorts of healthy life choices outside of the gym. This will translate in their success and to their results in the gym.