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Summer heat can be exhausting and not particularly conducive to a good and motivated workout. Not only is it not fun, but in areas of extreme humidity and unceasing heat, it can also be dangerous. Here are some tips on how to combat that heat and have a successful workout while enjoying the fresh air.

Stay hydrated. Not just during your workout, but make sure you are thoroughly hydrated before you even begin. Then, hold yourself accountable to take a few sips every ten minutes to replenish your hydration throughout your exercise.

Staying hydrated, as well, helps maintain proper body temperature in addition to transporting nutrients and helping circulation. A body that is well-hydrated can work out longer and much more dynamically, as the water helps the heart pump blood and nutrients and oxygen can be transported to the muscles more quickly.

Wear light clothing. Lighter colored clothing will help reflect the heat instead of absorbing it and will help you maintain a healthy body temperature. Additionally, try to avoid anything too tight as it will be difficult to air out.

This clothing choice will additionally help you maintain a longer endurance and take advantage of the workout to its full capacity by preventing your body from overheating.

Use sunblock. Even on days when the sun might not necessarily appear to be super strong or bright, it is still a must to use sunblock in order to protect your skin. This is a crucial step to keeping your body ready and fueled. Even on cloudy days, the sun can cause damage to the skin.

Stay updated on the weather. Staying updated on the weather will be critical to your capacity and understanding of what performing your best means. If it is going to rain or get too humid out, it may be a better idea to take your workout inside so you can still make the most of it and don’t have to cut it short.

Be in tune with your body. Listen to your body and what your needs and limits are. If you feel as though you need to move into the shade for a minute, do so. If you feel as though you could really use some more fuel, grab a granola bar or banana. Remember: you are doing this for your body, and it is important to listen to the signals that your body is giving you.