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Working out can be tough. Tough to start, tough to keep up with, tough to figure out exactly what to do… Some of the most common excuses for not exercising on the regular include:

  • not having time
  • lacking the energy and motivation
  • not knowing what to do

Getting a partner to workout with can help remedy any of these common complaints and make exercise an enjoyable part of your regular routine. A workout partner can help keep you accountable, assist in motivating you, and offer advice based on what they’re seeing from their perspective. When looking for a workout partner, you’re going to want to consider a few things before deciding on who will be the best fit for you.

Do your schedules match up?

This is important- if your schedules don’t match up, your partnership will not work. Imagine trying to work out with someone who likes to get up at 5 am when you prefer to do it in the evenings.

What is their preferred method of training?

You want to find someone who you have a lot in common with- especially when it comes to training methods. There is much value to be found in trying new things and being pushed outside of your comfort zone, however, if this is always the case it is not likely that your partnership will last long-term.

Do you have a common goal?

These situations work best when you’re both working toward a similar goal. For instance, if you are looking to lose weight, you might not want to partner up with someone who is working toward a new personal best in powerlifting. This can throw of both of your schedules and distract you from achieving what you want for your body.

Can you rely on them?

You both have to put in the work to make sure you’re getting after your goals but are they as dedicated as you are? It can be extremely frustrating having to push someone into working out and very disappointing when you get canceled on. Look for a partner who is just a dedicated to the cause as you are- and work together to maintain and motivate each other.

Use these guidelines to find the best gym buddy you could’ve ever imagined- and enjoy working together to reach your goals.